Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Chetan Bhagat makes headlines by claiming to know what young India wants- jobs, girls and a social status. It isn't enough that he stereotypes everyone belonging to the female gender in his books, now he has just added a new nomenclature. Young India= males. So us women don't have a say at all, whether we want jobs or guys or even plain respect. I know many don't regard him as a great writer, but this statement is so foolish that even people like me who tend to take a neutral stand on the much debated topic of his writing ability can't help but feel disgusted.

To hell with him.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Blind Boy

Tinkling trinkets, roaring trumpets
Whistling breeze
Rustling leaves
Aromas of cooking, soft satin,
Fragrant flowers
Pungent clovers
are familiar sensations
to a little boy
His life devoid of light
His eyes devoid of sight.

He's a blind boy
who stands in the planetarium.
The puzzled proprietor in his infinite wisdom
asks him-
"My dear little boy, how will you experience
the heavenly sights,
the meteors, comets and Mars?"
The boy smiles and replies
"Mr. Planet man, I'm not here to see,
I just like the idea of stars."

Book review: Dork

Book: Dork
Author: Sidin Vadukut
Penguin Books India
Rs. 199

This is the first book of the 'Dork' trilogy featuring Robin 'Einstein' Varghese, a management consultant with a  'God' complex. The book is in the form of diary entries; an interesting way of presenting the story to the reader. The entries chronicle the life of Einstein who gets himself into one stunning mishap into another. Einstein wants to make it to associate at his firm and get into the pants of his lady love, Gouri, all within a year. Whether he succeeds or not forms the crux of the story.

Sidin Vadukut creates a protagonist who is filled up to the brim with flaws. Einstein is a bumbling idiot, blundering his way through life. Yet, he's supremely confident in his abilities and in spite of his qualities reminding the readers of someone they might know in real life, he is likeable and therein lies the brilliance of his characterization. As a reader, you are cheering him on, every step of the way. It reminded me of another narcissistic titular character, (Dr. House, anyone?)

Something that did irritate me though were the management or consulting terms used freely in the book. Coming from a non-management background, I for one, could not figure out what the author intended to convey at times. It could mean that I'm dense though I hope not! Overall, it's quite a refreshing read, quite different from the books that I have read recently. And yes, Shahrukh Khan's dentist's accountant and Padmalaxmi's ex-husband's hairdresser are on the spot with their reviews on this one! Stumped? Read the back cover of the book for it's most 'ROFL' moment!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

To Binga! My rock star! :)

Brett Lee has always been my favourite cricketer. And believe me, in India, that's a tough thing to admit in public, that a non Indian and that too an Aussie is your favourite cricketer. But the mention of Brett's name, however does not evoke as many extreme reactions as one might expect. It's a testimony to his greatness!
Brett was a passionate fast bowler and a thorough gentleman, a species rare to find these days. His fist pumps and million dollar smiles would make girls faint within seconds! And I will shamelessly admit, I am one of those girls, who would swoon at the mere mention of his name. I remember trying to meet him in my second year of MBBS. He had been on a visit to my city to conduct a cricket coaching camp at a boys' school. It was a requirement to have purchased a 'Boost' packet and producing it at the school gate to gain entry. My friend and I had forgotten to buy one, but the organizers let us in anyway. And there we were in the midst of little school boys, out to catch a glimpse of my hero! I couldn't gather up my courage to get his autograph that day, but I sincerely hope that some day I will meet him again.
Though my little school girl crush has disappeared over time, my respect for him has only grown. He will always be my first love, my hero and my most favourite cricketer. As he opens a new chapter in his life, let us all raise our glasses... To Binga! Here's wishing you all the very best in your future endeavours!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Love is...

Love is...
Feathery light,
like wisps of dandelion.

Love is...
melodious harmony,
like strums from a guitar.

Love is...
Whimsical memory,
like tunes from a music box.

Love is...
Smooth and creamy,
like coffee art.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Thunderous applause greets us
The dance of the water drops reminds me
of the joy I found in your arms on a rainy August night
Colourless spray clouds my vision,
celestial will combined with our arousing passion!
The drone of the waves, the hum of the waterfall
The drenched leaves, the defeated rocks
All witnesses to our perfection!
Clouds of grey gathered to congratulate
Rumbled their blessings 
Joined by the the reverberation!
Little drops form mighty whirlpools
Whorls of water
Swirls of currents
give way, drawn into the vortex
We arise wet, splashed with celebration!
Entwined fingers, heavy breaths
Moist lips, let's go with the flow
and where it will take us,
away from the iron stranglehold,
away from nature's marvelous water show.

Picture: Courtesy

PS: Poem inspired in reality by Mumbai's monsoon, not something else ;)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Mermaid

I am waiting for you
When you come by with your magical aura
There's a lingering beat, a longing glance
A tiny wave that tingles my spine.
You seem to know the effect you have on me
You tranquilize, you make me fantasize
You put me in a drug-less trance!
I get lost in your dreamy eyes, 
You are the reason behind the smile on my lips
The spring in my moves
Your touch leaves me breathless, I feel winded
like I have swum a thousand miles!

So I wait till your boat arrives
All around I see salty waves till infinity
In my world, the fishes dart
Around the coral reefs
It's a world more enchanting than you will ever see
I know you are coming for me
I will miss my world of aquamarine blue
I have given up it all, just to be with you.